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Immunodiagnosis In the Department of Pathology

List of Special Stains


AFB (Acid Fast Bacteria)
Alcian Blue (pH 1.0) (pH 2.5)
Argentaffin (Fontana Masson)
Calcium (Von Kossa)
Colloidal Iron
Congo Red
Elastic (VVG) Verhoeff Van Gieson
Giemsa (Helicobacter) (Mast)
GMS (Grocott's Methenamine Silver)
Jones Basement Membrane
Melanin (Fontana Masson) (Bleach)
Mucin (Mucicarmine)
Oil Red O (fat)
PAS (Periodic Acid Shiff's)
PAS-D (Periodic Acid Shiff-Digestion)
Reticulin (Gomori's)
Steiner (Helicobacter) (Spirochetes)
Toluidine Blue
Trichrome (Gomori) (Masson)
Warthin-Starry (Helicobacter) (Spirochetes)


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